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Medium Food Processor

This Medium food processor is a practical choice for individuals who desire a food processor that can handle large batches of food, the cuisinart food processor is compatible with the disc blade dlc-837 tx and can produce high produce options. The large number of blades makes it basic to cut fruits and vegetables and the sharp blade will make cutting food difficult for many people.

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Cuisinart Robot Coupe Food Processor

By Robot Coupe & Cuisinart


Reversible Shredding Plate Medium To Fine

8cup Home Kitchen Small Food

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How To Use Shredding Disc On Food Processor

To use the food processor, you should first turn it on to program on either the computer or also set as a timer, then, you will need to add the food you want to process on the food processor and then finally the shredding disc. The shredding disc is needed to make the food shreds, to add the shredding disc, first turn on the food processor and then add the food. The shredding disc is a small, round piece of metal that is need to make sure the food is shredded evenly, this Medium food processor extends food processor grating disc blade dlc-837 Medium blade that is best-in-the-class for processes. The blade imparts 837 millimeter grating area and 1037 millimeter grating area, this food processor can be used for processes such as grating cheese, support, valley, and other food items. This is a valuable food processor for suitors that want a similar quality and features as the cuisinart dlc-7, but who crave to make smaller pieces of food, it gives a Medium blade size and an 3 mm it as well full stainless steel blade and have a sautéing pan position. This food processor is of the old cuisinart dlc-7 that was also a food processor, the main difference between the two food processors is the length of the food processor and the dlc-7 grants a length of about 3. 5 inches, the dlc-7 is in like manner scratch resistant. The cuisinart food processor dlc-837 tx Medium blade food processor offers 837 tx and 844 tx disc blades, it is a top-of-the-heap food processor for productions and large batches work. The food processor is in like manner straightforward to clean and is good for large batches work.