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Grating Cheese With Kitchenaid Food Processor

The Kitchenaid 3 disk slice grate is sensational for use With the Kitchenaid food processors, it presents two diskettes for patriot cheese, and can be used With different types of milk. It as well safe for use With sweet or sour milk, and can be set to chop or press.

Kitchenaid Food Processor Cheese Grater

The Kitchenaid food processor Cheese grater is excellent for use With models 500 and the grater is fabricated of para-plastic and it renders a slicer on one side and a Cheese grater on the other, the grater is likewise able to puree or make Cheese steps. This Kitchenaid food processor provides an 3 disk grater that is top-rated for making cheese, onions, and other food applications, the Cheese grater is able to handle large cuts of Cheese With ease. The grater also gives a strong and durable construction that will allow you to keep it in use for a long time, the and have a smooth, liquid feel to it and are splendid for making a wide variety of food applications. The gives a more intricate design that is sensational for thin cutting applications, the Grating Cheese can be difficult to clean because it contains so much cheese. Use your Kitchenaid 3 disk slice grate to clean it up, the two disk Grating is in like manner top-rated for or other cheese-containing products. This Cheese Grating With Kitchenaid food processor is terrific for use With models 500, 600, 650, this Grating is produced of durable plastic and renders a sharp blade so that you can be sure it always clean.